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Essential Export Documents for Shipping an ATV from the US: A Comprehensive Guide

 ATV or quad bike is the perfect mate for adventure enthusiasts. Whether you want to check your dusty driving skills in the barren lands or take up some extreme venture in the rocky terrain, quads are your best friend in any exploration journey. If you own an ATV and want to ship it overseas for your thrilling adventure trip or just looking to export it from the US because you’ve sold it, you need to navigate the shipping procedure.   


ATV shipping is not complicated, and following some crucial guidelines can help you ship your quad faster and stress-free. ATV transport or export requires specific documents to ensure a smooth shipping procedure without any legal barriers. In this guide, we will discuss all the necessary paperwork and procedures to follow for streamlined ATV shipping.  

Required Documents for Exporting an ATV 

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) regulations require the exporter to submit all the export documents of the vehicle to the port of entry 72 hours before shipping. What documents must an exporter provide? You must provide several proofs through paperwork like ATV ownership, manufacturing, and whether you’ve paid taxes. Following are the essential documents for shipping cars cross country:  

Certificate of Title  

Certificate of Title is a critical document for shipping a car cross country. This document identifies the legal owner of the vehicle. The identification certificate is crucial for ATV shipping as crooks export stolen vehicles to avoid facing the consequences of their actions.   

Certification of Title ensures that you’re the owner of the vehicle you’re exporting. Therefore, CBP obliges exporters to provide a certificate of title. However, keep in mind that the regulations for carrying an identification certificate differ from state to state. Some states require owners to prove certification for ATV shipping, while others give an exception to owners of snowmobiles and quads. It is essential to do thorough research to ensure your vehicle complies with the laws of your state.  

In case you don’t own the certificate of title, bring the vehicle registration and invoice of purchase for the quad if it is signed by the original seller.  

Bill of Lading  

Another essential document you need for ATV shipping is the Bill of Lading. The bill of lading contains all the necessary terms and conditions of the sale of the vehicle. It also includes information like delivery destination and other additional information. Like a certificate of title, the bill of lading is critical to prove your ownership and value of the vehicle.  

Although some states don’t require you to bring a bill of lading for ATV transport, it is always good practice to carry copies of all documents for a stress-free customs trip.   


Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO) or Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO) are the papers that provide the evidence of manufacturing of your ATV. These documents can be used to replace the certificate of title and might also be required by the other country in ATV or UTV shipping.   

The MCO and MSO paperwork is essential as the destination country usually requests it during ATV transport. This paper includes essential details about the vehicle, like engine, size, and the manufacturer’s name. It helps the authorities decide if the quad complies with the road laws of that country.   

Lien Release Documents  

This paperwork is not mandatory for every vehicle. However, it is critical when exporting a leased vehicle. You can’t ship a vehicle overseas if it is within a lease agreement, provided you get permission from its owner.   

Lien documents are important if you’re not the owner of the car. These papers should be printed and signed by the lease provider so you don’t face any hassles in customs.   

State or Country Specific Regulations  

Different countries or states have varying regulations for ATV shipping and use:  

  • Emission Standards: Some countries have rigorous emission standards, so you must check them for the destination country of export.  
  • Age Restrictions: Several countries pose age restrictions on vehicles, especially quad bikes. Check-in advance to confirm the age restriction for your specific region.   
  • Taxes: Each country has a specific tax and duties percentage. Make sure you’re aware of the applicable taxes to stay ahead of any unforeseen circumstances.  

Proper filing and handling of paperwork is critical in ATV transport. Any mishandling or absent paperwork can result in delays in transit or even fines and penalties.  

Submission of the Documents  

You must submit all the above documents, or any additional documents your state requires, to the US CBP. The customs authorities review your documents to see if they comply with the export laws.   

Keep in mind that CBP might take a few business days to get back to you, so ensure you submit all the documents for verification in time.   

US Customs and Border Protection obliges the exporter to present the vehicle and attached form on the day of shipping at the appropriate entry port for verification of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Most land ports do not proceed with shipping cars cross country on weekends, so confirm the business days and hours of your relevant port beforehand.   

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